Cycle of Violence

Image by US Marine Corps. in honor of Domestic Violence Awareness Month (ID No. 091016-M-6664G-001) (PD as work product of federal govt.)

Violence in the home greatly increases the chances that children raised in that home will eventually become violent or select violent partners.

The National Youth Survey Family Study followed over 1600 families across three generations.  Nearly 4 out of 5 families where domestic abuse took place had adult children who perpetrated violence against their partners; 3 out of 4 such families had adult children who become victims of crime [1].

In the study, 92% of parents and 81% of their adult children admitted committing an act of violence against a partner.   Similarly, 66% of parents and 36% of their adult children admitted being victimized.

The acts of violence children witnessed included pushing, grabbing, slapping, hitting with an object or a fist, beating, choking, threatening with and/or use of a weapon, and attempted murder.

According to Violence against Women in Families and Relationships, “Globally, wife-beating is seen as justified in some circumstances by a majority of the population in various countries, most commonly in situations of actual or suspected infidelity by wives or their ‘disobedience’ toward a husband or partner.”

And so the tragic cycle of violence repeats itself.  Blood begets blood.

Whoever sheds man’s blood, By man his blood shall be shed; For in the image of God He made man” (Gen. 9: 6).

[1]  Crime Victims Institute, “Generational Cycles of Intimate Partner Violence in the US:  A Research Brief” by Kelly Knight, et al, 2013,



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15 responses to “Cycle of Violence

  1. Anna, you are a sentinel for human rights- a very poignant and defining piece. Blessings.

  2. You have given an honest review. Well done Anna ❤️

  3. Alfiano Fong

    Sad but true

  4. Great one…thank you for sharing..

  5. StigaFri

    This makes me feel so sad. Although physical abuse isn’t the main form of abuse in our family it is the effect on children that has made me to rethink about just staying with my ‘husband’. I’ve stopped fighting him but as the children are getting older they can at times be more assertive so my ‘husband’ has started to direct his controlling and demeaning behaviour towards them.

    I think I am finally fully learning to accept the full extent of the abuse I’ve suffered. That’s why I am here to collect my thoughts and write about it.

  6. Francisco Bravo Cabrera

    Well, I don’t know the numbers or the stats reference this very real situation, so I am glad you have published such good info. But I did work in the Domestic Violence section of our County (while I lived in the US in Miami, FL) and I know from experience that the violence seen in the home is passed down to the children and they begin to act out on it as early as the 10th grade and by the 12th it has been quite well ingrained in them. When I worked in the Juvenile Division, I used to go to the houses of the minors we had arrested and I would undoubtedly see the cause of their behaviours and I immediately assessed the situation as being that the parents were worse than they were. Great blog and great post. This is very important, and everything and anything that can be taught to sensitise children to gendr violence is absolutely necessary.
    All the best and my greetings from Spain,

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