The Role of Faith

Victims necessarily wrestle with questions of faith, grieved that God would allow them to suffer so severely.

Most victims need to rage at God before they can move on with their lives.  The love we demonstrate by simply hearing them out during this process is a truer reflection of God’s own than any number of wise and well-meaning platitudes we might recite (Job 2: 13).

Only time and grace can teach victims that the abuse was not the central event in their lives; that they remain beloved children of God.

As someone who has managed to regain her voice, I feel it incumbent upon me to speak for those who cannot.  It was this which God used to lead me to a life in the law.  It is Scripture which sustains me:  “Therefore do not be ashamed of the testimony of the Lord…” (2 Tim. 1: 8).


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33 responses to “The Role of Faith

  1. Amen!! I agree with you Anna… God has called us to speak out for those who cannot… the nameless and faceless. That is why He lead me to write my story. I would love for you to read it one day. What God did for me, I pray for Him to do for many more. God bless you, my sister!!

  2. I am glad that you were able to reclaim your voice! I am getting there and it’s an amazing journey.

  3. Yes, my Dear Anna. If one were to rely on ‘Time’ alone to heal one’s wounds and disappointments, it does not work, and will not work, as they all lie under the surface.

    Life brings on its own share of Woes. Yet, We blame Life, when Much of it is brought on by Our Selves!

    For all that, I am fortunate to have gone through a number of ‘Retreats,’ where the Absolute NEED to Forgive was Stressed and Taught, and Helped to Go through.

    Then I have found that We ALL have Instances of GOODNESS (that others have given Us), in Our lives. Thinking, and even CONCENTRATING on that has helped me in my Journey of Faith.

    The Sublime Faith of the Great Saints is not mine. It is a Gift, for some. But the Lord has chosen to give me other ones.

    But Faith, Believing, as in: “Believe in Me, and in the Good News,” the Very First Words of Jesus, Faith as an ACT, a Daily Act, HAS helped me.

    Love and Regards. 🙂

  4. Oh this is good. It took me till age 59 to learn that God was not like my abusive parents, and husband… His voice is sweet and gentle in love and reassurance, even when correcting me. I celebrate the work you’re doing–God bless you most abundantly.

  5. 18megapixel

    Anna this is great! 🙂 I’m so happy to meet a Christian lawyer like you. 🙂 I am with you in prayers. I pray that you will be guided in everything that you do for the humanity. I pray for blessings and breakthroughs to you.

  6. You are such a blessing and a light…thank you for using your strength to support others….God bless you ❤

    • Funny thing. It’s doesn’t always feel that way. At times, for all us, it simply feels as if we’re staggering along. Or getting up — one more endless time — from our knees. Even through that, however, God sustains us. May He bless you, too. ❤

      • Rise and fall…yes, that is the struggle–however we’ve been wounded…I’m so grateful for our recognition that we are all better off if we support each other and pool our resources (hearts, souls, minds….faith).

  7. Very well said, and a truth that needs to break through the darkness. Thanks be to God, you are using your talents, treasures and time in a way that will benefit others, while glorifying God.

  8. Mia

    Anna, I have nominated you for the “Light of the World” award for all you do to highlight Christ as you bring others to awareness of some touchy subjects both through this blog and your other one. Don’t feel obligated to participate, but if you’re interested, the details can be found at

  9. Silvia Lia Leigh, MD

    Dear Sister Anna, you have obeyed God’s command. To identify with and to save the lost is a very difficult command to obey. It takes the strength of the Holy Spirit to obey such. ‘Uphold the cause of the poor, the oppressed! Rescue the weak, the needy; deliver them from the hand of the wicked!’ (Ps 82:3,4). God has made you a leader, a light shining in the darkness! Thank you for paying the price for love to bloom in the desert! May God bless you as you are a blessing and a hope to many!

  10. You are a beautiful, courageous, precious daughter of God. Thank you for speaking for those that cannot!

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