Soup spoon, Author Donovan Govan (CC BY-SA-3.0 Unportedl GFDL).

Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I have become sounding brass or a clanging cymbal” (1 Cor. 13: 1).

Whether as abuse victims made the object of unfair comparisons or as men and women raised in a materialistic culture, we have a tendency to compare ourselves to others. The comparison nearly always overlooks our real gifts.

Not many of us are fashion models or world class chefs. Few are sports icons, movie stars, or billionaires. None at all can stay eighteen forever. We play different parts, in the course of a lifetime – some more humble than others, but no less important.

Spoons may be less glamorous than swords or scepters. But they fill an essential role. You cannot scoop pudding for a child with a saber, or feed the hungry of the world with a magic wand. Ask any farmer.

Love, above all else, is what the world needs. Not “love” as portrayed by Hollywood. Real love – the kind that takes sweat and sacrifice. The kind that involves wiping noses and kissing boo-boos; standing on an assembly line, day in and day out, to make sure the bills get paid.

If we can manage that without having known it ourselves, we have achieved something close to miraculous.


A spoon is not a hammer
A knife is not a glove
To warm a heart near frozen
From simple lack of love

So strike a blow for freedom
Cut through red tape and lies
Or lift the spoon to a child’s lips
A tender look in your eyes

We each have different talents
And different roles to play
A candle will light the darkness
A match can start a blaze

So raise a cry for justice
And hold that banner high
Or wrap your arms round a baby
And sing a lullaby



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14 responses to “Spoons

  1. You nailed it Anna. We can have it all according to the world’s standards but without a loving heart it’s worthless. I think of my own life and how hard I have worked to achieve a modest amount of success and wonder was it worth it? I honestly don’t know sometimes. What I do know is that acquiring “stuff” doesn’t satisfy like we think it should.

    I also wonder if I had applied myself to the call to love others as much as I did to material gain,how much more of a difference could I have made in someone’s life? Do others feel the same way?

    Have an awesome day and coming week.

    • Yes, I worry, too, whether my time was spent wisely. I was for years a workaholic. Every moment of my day, every ounce of my energy was poured into work. Not for the monetary gain, but as a distraction, in the aftermath of my abuse.

      God, I think, understands our human frailties and limitations. He knows the circumstances of our lives, and the difficult choices we are sometimes forced to make.

      When our work is ultimately tested in the fire (1 Cor. 3: 13), profit and worldly accolades will vanish. But qualities like integrity, loyalty, and devotion will remain. I am sure you will have those in great measure, Ron.

  2. violence only teaches violence. and a parent that can only teach thru a raised fist …..well, words fail me. i was beaten by nuns married to jesus. what do you suppose that taught me about god? that he was capricious and cruel? or only a myth and a cruel myth at that

  3. Yes, Anna, that was a wonderful message and a beautiful poem.
    God bless you and have a great Easter! ❤

  4. jacqui

    Beautiful Anna x

  5. Q's Corner

    To warm a heart near frozen
    From simple lack of love

    My heart and spirit, have been frozen since a very young child! So many abusive events had taken place, that no one thing can be blamed as the cause, nor can any of it be blamed on just one person; there were many players in the drama called my life. But, this I DO know, that MY God is thawing out that frozen place! I can and do praise Him!

    Many events broke me, but God is using many events to heal and set me free! There was a part of my personality that had no language, the rest of me could talk (if that makes any sense). But, words are coming to me more and more, as the trials of life are burning out all of the log jams that have prevented flow. Oh what power is filling my heart and the words that I am beginning to speak, they are bold (I was always too timid to speak my mind), to the point and direct. I too am learning to use the words that God is giving me to release long forbidden subjects; freedom is coming on the Wings of the Great Speckled Bird, The Holy Ghost is setting me free! And I am loving it!!!

    Thank you dear Anna, your words have triggered me is a good way, and brought a new flow of more words, this time in print.

  6. Anna, great post and awesome poem.

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