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New Bill Goes After Institutions That Cover Up Child Sexual Abuse, Giving Survivors Chance For Justice - Colorado Coalition Against Sexual Assault

Image courtesy of CBS News.

The following is excerpted from a post by Gabrielle Guthrie.  Gabrielle discusses the cover up of child sexual abuse by religious and other institutions, most particularly the Church of England [1].

The full post can be found at her blog See, there’s this thing called biology

Colorado is among the states that have passed legislation extending the Statute of Limitations on sexual abuse, while targeting those individuals and institutions who knew (or should have known) about the abuse but did not stop it [2][3].

“…it’s the cover up that is so evil, it’s circling the wagons and protecting the power structure, that really rankles.  That’s what lurks behind those deep rooted feelings of powerlessness and injustice.  Sometimes that is even more emotionally painful then the initial assault.

Sexual abuse is evidence that you have no human value, no worth in someone’s eyes.  Those who look at the crime with apathy or complacency, and ignore it, validate that lie and amplify it.  It’s still a lie, but lies are a lot harder to dig out when they are deeply rooted due to other people’s complicity.”

“A pedophile can be understood, even rationalized as a broken individual, dysfunctional, trapped in a compulsive hell of their own, perhaps suffering from a kind of mental disorder.  But those who are charged with protecting children, those who hide letters pleading for help, those who bury evidence, make excuses, attempt to slander and discredit victims, multiple victims, those people simply cannot be understood.  They are without excuse.  Ten times as true if one is calling oneself “a Christian” while perpetrating such evil.  If one is actually calling oneself a “Christian leader,” well, I got nothing but millstones to offer you.

Mark 14:21 says, “For the Son of Man is to go just as it is written of Him; but woe to that man by whom the Son of Man is betrayed!  It would have been good for that man if he had not been born.”

Better to be a non believer, an atheist, never born, then to be someone using the Lord’s name to abuse, exploit, and silence those in your care.

Those in His care.”

[1]  Wikipedia, “Peter Ball (bishop)”,

[2]  CBS News, “New Bill Goes after Institutions that Cover Up Child Sexual Abuse, Giving Survivors Chance for Justice”, 2/12/21,

[3]  Prevent Child Abuse, “State and Federal Legislative Efforts to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse:  A Status Report”,

Former megachurch leader, Leticia McCormack, of Rock Church in San Diego has been arrested along with her parents for the alleged torture and murder of her 11 y.o. daughter, Arabella.  Two younger children have been removed from the home. 

For details, see



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12 responses to “Cover Up

  1. Unfortunately, I had personal experience with this when I was 15 years old. It was devastating.

  2. I just read Gabrielle’s post, and I need to clarify one thing: what happened to me at age 15 did not involve a church, it was a hospital. But even so, the denial and cover-up, and the false accusations against me, the 15-year-old patient, were soul destroying.

  3. Petrina

    Thank you Anna. This is an important and powerful message. With pride, perversion and idolatry of power seemingly taking over in many pulpits and institutions, this is a very important and timely reminder. With so many cover-ups still going on, they need to continuously be exposed. The vulnerable and people in general need to be cared for, protected and defended. Abusers and those who protect abusers will answer to God.

  4. Es ist einfach furchtbar, was man unschuldigen Kindern und auch jungen Erwachsenen antut. Umso wichtiger ist es, alles aufzudecken und dokumentarisch zu beleuchten. Da leistest Du ganz große Arbeit, die Dir bestimmt nicht immer leicht fällt.
    Ganz liebe Grüße, es ist wunderbar, dass es Menschen wie Dich gibt, Marie

  5. Religious institutions covering up sexual abuse is such a heinous sin…

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