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German police earlier this year arrested a Bulgarian couple believed to trade in infants. 

The 58 y.o. man and his 51 y.o. wife whose names were not disclosed are thought to belong to a criminal ring that engages in the sale of infants.  At least eight women in an advanced stage of pregnancy but willing to hand over their newborns for cash were transported from Bulgaria to Greece for that purpose [1][2].

Human trafficking is an ugly business under any circumstances.  When there are children involved, it takes on a whole new dimension.  But infants would not be offered for sale, if there were not a market for them.

Many couples anxious for a child are willing to pursue adoption by any means, if they can secure an infant.  Even more sinister are the countless pedophiles and pornographers salivating to get their hands on a child – no questions asked.

Meanwhile, thousands upon thousands of older children await legal adoption.

How much is a human life worth?  Clearly, we have no concept, since we treat children like commodities in this consumer culture of ours.  Can we quantify the value of a child?   Evidently, older children have depreciated in value as compared with infants.

In God’s view, all children are priceless – even those being discarded and sold.

Before I formed you in the womb I knew you; Before you were born I sanctified you; I ordained you a prophet to the nations” (Jer. 1: 5).

[1]  CNN,  “German police arrest couple suspected of trading newborn babies” by Claudia Otto and Stephanie Halasz, 5/3/21,

[2]  We do not know the dire circumstances of these women, or the promises they may have been made that their children would be placed in good homes.



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15 responses to “Babies for Sale

  1. This raises so many questions. Trading in human lives is never OK.

  2. Francisco Bravo Cabrera

    It’s a sad reflection of humanity when someone thinks they can sell their child…

  3. Very disheartening to hear this. Doing Business in name of our future is pathetic.

  4. Menschenhandel ist in jedem Fall ein unverzeichliches Verbrechen und verdient jede Strafe. Wenn es sich um den Handel mit Babies handelt, die entweder von verzweifelten Müttern “verkauft” werden, weil diese nicht wissen, wie sie sonst ihre Babies ernähren können, oder wenn sie gar den Eltern zwangsweise weggenommen werden, wie das leider immer wieder in armen Ländern passiert, so ist das noch ein viel schlimmeres Verbrechen an der Menschlichkeit. Dadurch, dass es solche unmenschliche Armut gibt und dadurch Märkte für Baby-Handel florieren
    können, wird es – so ist zu befürchten – weiterhin solche Machenschaften Krimineller geben.

  5. You hit the nail on the head Anna. None of this would be going on if there were no market for it. Then again, the same goes for just about every other despicable action of man.

    Sadly, Satan has blinded us to the reality of just how far we have walked away from the One who is Love. Left to our own thoughts and ideas, we have created a slime pit so vile that Sodom would blush in embarrassment.

    I pray that before I leave this life there will be a stirring in the hearts of men everywhere that will cause them to call upon the Lord in repentance.

  6. Anna, eso es una tragedia, un crimen, algo terrible. Es increíble que haya seres humanos tan perversos. Merecen castigos ejemplares. Son un cáncer para la gente. Creo que todos tenemos la responsabilidad y la obligación de denunciar toda clase de delitos.

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  8. Amen: “In God’s view, all children are priceless – even those being discarded and sold.”

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