God’s Relationship to Abuse – Fate and Justice, Part 2

Gentian blossoms, André Karwath a/k/a Aka (CC BY-SA 2.5 Generic)

We continue our examination of God’s relationship to fate, justice, and abuse.


God created human beings in His image.  That is the reason we have a sense of justice at all.  Our sense of justice cannot be greater than God’s, since it derives from His.

Yet, because ours is a fallen world, we do not always see justice done.  The innocent suffer, as abuse victims can attest.  That is deeply disturbing to us…and it should be.  The question is whether we can trust a God who allows innocent suffering.

The answer to that rests with the character of God.  God is love personified.  He is holy beyond all measure, entirely incapable of evil.  And God is all powerful.  He is not, therefore, overcome by evil.

If we trust in Him, God is capable of sustaining us, despite our suffering.  God’s justice, however, plays out on a grand scale, against the backdrop of eternity.  We may not see justice done in our lifetime.  The Jeffrey Epsteins of this world may triumph for awhile.  But, in the long run, they do not escape justice (Gal. 6: 7).

Knowing these things about God, we can fully place our trust in Him.

God’s Will

Scripture assures us of God’s concern for our welfare in this broken world.

And the Lord, He is the One who goes before you.  He will be with you, He will not leave you nor forsake you; do not fear nor be dismayed” (Deut. 31: 8).

But the very hairs of your head are all numbered.  Do not fear therefore; you are of more value than many sparrows” (Luke 12: 7).

In fact, we are told God knows us intimately.

O Lord, You have searched me and known me.
You know my sitting down and my rising up;
You understand my thought afar off
” (Ps. 139: 1-2).

We are not mere pawns on a chessboard.  God has a plan for humanity and a good purpose for our lives.

For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope” (Jer. 29: 11).

We may not know all the details.  But we can be assured God’s plan will come to pass.

For as the rain comes down, and the snow from heaven,
And do not return there,
But water the earth,
And make it bring forth and bud…
So shall My word be that goes forth from My mouth;
It shall not return to Me void
…” (Isa. 55: 10-11).

The Ultimate Injustice

As the only begotten Son of God, Christ was subjected to the ultimate injustice.  A willing but innocent victim, He died to give those who believe in Him victory over sin and death.  This is sacrifice for our sakes.  This is love beyond any we were once denied.

The gentian blossoms pictured above are, as it happens, symbols of justice and victory.  Justice and victory:  abuse victims could not do better.

Part 1 in this series was posted 7/26/20.



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17 responses to “God’s Relationship to Abuse – Fate and Justice, Part 2

  1. Thank you for these uplifting scriptures, Anna. God bless you.

  2. Francisco Bravo Cabrera

    I truly admire your writing, so deeply inspired by your faith, which I share as a lover of God as well. Thank you,

  3. Thank you for giving a meaningful context to the justice of God.
    His ways are higher and greater than our ways. Often He is working things out in ways we could never conceive of – but He is definitely acting “behind the scenes” and working things out for good.
    God never forgets the downtrodden. He cares intimately for us.
    If we can hold these threads together it is possible to keep trusting and resting in Him while we wait to see how He will comes through for us, and exercise justice in our situation, and in the land.

    • Beautifully put. I wrestled w/ these issues for many years, myself, which is why I can write about them w/ some authority. We will not in this life have all the answers. But we can trust a loving and faithful God.

  4. Allan Halton

    Thanks for this, Anna. As you said, God has put in the hearts of all people an innate sense of justice. Even watching a movie we can hardly wait till the “bad guys” get what they’ve got coming to them. The “good guys” too. Why? It springs from God. We may be assured, then that He Himself will indeed see to it that ultimate justice is wrought for one and all. The grievous, heartbreaking injustices that take place in our world would leave us in complete despair were it not for God’s promise of justice. This in fact is what the second coming of Christ is all about. Justice. Or, what my old King James Version calls “judgment.” Judgment has a fearful connotation about it– it’s something we’d rather avoid even talking about. No doubt for the unjust it is a fearful prospect. But for those whose hope is in God, and who have been made “just” in God’s sight by their faith in Jesus, it’s something to be greatly longed for. God promises judgment– justice– “in a day in the which He will judge the world in righteousness by that Man whom He hath ordained…” (Acts 17:31). What a consoling hope!

    And when that day comes, well, here is how the psalmist describes it:
    Let the heavens rejoice, and let the earth be glad: let the sea roar, and the fullness thereof,
    Let the field be joyful, and all that is therein: then shall all the trees of the wood rejoice
    Before the LORD, for He cometh, for He cometh to judge the earth: He shall judge the world with righteousness, and the peoples with His truth
    ” (Ps. 96:11-13).

    Also this one:
    Let the sea roar, and the fulness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein.
    Let the floods clap their hands; let the hills be joyful together
    Before the LORD, for he cometh to judge the earth: with righteousness shall He judge the world, and the peoples with equity
    ” (Ps. 98:7-9).

    Even so, come, Lord Jesus.

  5. I never cease to be amazed Anna at how the Almighty replays the story of Joseph over and over again in the lives of His children. What the enemy means for evil in our lives He somehow manages to turn it into something of worth. All He asks in return is for you and I to trust the process.

    So many of our earthly trials are for the sole purpose of revealing Christ to people who would otherwise never see Him. I am reminded of things in my own past such as a heart attack and ensuing bypass surgery, as well as a divorce I did not want that nearly drove me to suicide. How could I have ever known that God would use such difficulties to bring restoration and peace to others?

    It can be so hard to keep a big picture focus, but in reality that is what we must do for the sake of others.

    Have a wonderful day my friend.

  6. “God’s justice works against a backdrop of eternity.”
    I had to double-click that line because it is a beautiful answer to an ubiquitous and perenial question.
    Humans are quick to question the authority of God because they look at the sham and drudgery in the world and see no swift hand of justice.
    I find your answers enlightening and refreshing. Thank you, Anna. Love and Blessing.❤

  7. God is not responsible for the choices men make but He holds each one of us accountable. Justice will be the last card played – and it belongs to God. Blessings

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