Blood on Our Hands

For You formed my inward parts; You covered me in my mother’s womb” (Ps. 139: 13).

Prenatal ultrasound is widely accepted as a safe and inexpensive means of evaluating the health of an unborn child. 3D and 4D ultrasound – though the risk they may pose is still somewhat uncertain – can provide images so clear, at 26-30 weeks of gestation, that a family resemblance may be seen before birth and a baby’s smile captured in the womb.

Occasionally, the findings on ultrasound are inconclusive. With fetal magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), it has been possible since the 1990s for physicians to diagnose head, neck, chest, abdominal, and urinary tract abnormalities in the fetus with a greater degree of resolution than on ultrasound.

Gradually, mankind is pulling back the curtain on mysteries that have existed since the dawn of time. Sometimes – with God’s help – the achievements are miraculous. All we can see though is the physical dimension – the part we can poke or prod, measure and weigh.

God sees through to the heart in a way no MRI or ultrasound can. He is, after all, our Maker.

By contrast, nowhere is evil more evident than in the way the world treats its children.

Little ones are born with AIDS and addictions; murdered in the womb through the violence of their fathers; or denied birth because their mothers do not have the means to raise them. Beaten and abused, left abandoned, or shuffled from one parent to another when families are splintered, these most vulnerable cannot speak for themselves.

And now science is on the threshold of creating children to order, even children to be dismembered for the “welfare” of others.

May God forgive us. As a nation, there is blood on our hands.



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7 responses to “Blood on Our Hands

  1. One of our nation’s, and the world’s, most horrendous acts of debauchery and evidence of the sinfulness of man, Anna.

  2. How can people be so blind? I was once one of the blind ones, but it’s kind of scary to say “now I see” because with that sight comes a responsibility to do something about these horrors.

  3. Anna, thanks for this vivid reminder of what a horrendous and godless culture we live in, in what is called “Christian America.” The hypocrisy is so amazing! When I was about two years old our leaders were holding the Nuremberg Trials in Germany and sentencing Nazi’s to death for killing millions of Jews under the most inhumane conditions. Now, here we are sixty years later and the Doctor Mengele’s (see of this nation are pulling babies apart in their mother’s wombs and doing the same satanic procedures on the unborn they did in Germany.

    Seven million Jews were killed in those death camps, But over 57 million babies have been brutally murdered in the U.S. since the Roe vs. Wade decision in 1973 I am afraid that I have quit praying that God would have mercy on this nation so it can continue on with its evil ways. Someday, soon the “chickens are coming home to roost” or God is not just.

  4. To see how far we in America,indeed the whole human race,have fallen from God one need only ask “where is the outrage over this”? Aside from a few newscasts condemning the practice of selling parts of aborted babies there has been precious little said by any of our so called leaders. There were massive riots in the streets over the senseless killings that have dominated the news over the past year or so. Leaders of all types,including our own president have expressed outrage over these killings. Federal investigations and enquiries have been launched in an attempt to establish guilt and blame,and in many situations it is absolutely warranted.

    Yet the slaughter of the innocent doesn’t make the headlines? As a society have we truly become so hardened,so used to the darkness that we can no longer feel for the helpless?

    We know the answer is a resounding YES. And where is the church while all of this is going on? Where are the people of God when we need someone to step into the pulpit and declare that we have sinned,and that we are a bloody nation with the blood of the innocent crying out for justice?

    If our religious leaders do not have the backbone to stand for the righteousness of our nation,perhaps it’s time we remove our heads from the sand and declare it in spite of them!

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