“Civil Rights Leaders Care More About Planned Parenthood Than Black Families” by Delano Squires

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“If black lives truly mattered to civil rights organizations, they would spend more time promoting strong families and less energy pushing abortion on demand…

As a candidate and president, [Barack] Obama talked openly about marriage, family, and fatherhood…[H]e gave a speech about violent crime in Chicago 10 years ago that…included this observation:

‘There’s no more important ingredient for success, nothing that would be more important for us reducing violence, than strong, stable families — which means we should do more to promote marriage and encourage fatherhood.’

Countless black progressive politicians, pundits, professors, preachers, and performers…rejected…[Obama’s] attempts to tie family structure to social outcomes because they believe racial inequality is caused by systemic forces, not individual decisions.  The family is the one institution they show no interest in discussing.

…All references to the connection between fatherhood and social outcomes were removed in the 2016 and 2020 Democratic Party platforms.

It’s a lot easier to ignore the importance of fathers and families if you believe America would be a better place if fewer black children were born.  This is the logical conclusion to draw when abortion activists claim black women will be the primary victims of limits on abortion.”

“One reason is that Planned Parenthood enjoys a special status in the progressive pantheon.  That status has grown stronger since the Supreme Court decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization struck down Roe and sent abortion back to the states.

The abortion giant and several of its pro-abortion allies joined the NAACP… [and others] to demand a White House meeting on how abortion limits at the state level would ‘hurt’ poor black women.

One Howard University professor drew a parallel between the Texas ban on abortions after six weeks and the Underground Railroad.  He compared women who ‘go out of state to civilized states to terminate pregnancies’ to Harriet Tubman and Frederick Douglass.

Even some black ministers are starting to push the belief that abortion is the new civil rights movement…

The implication of what these leaders say — and don’t — is clear:  pregnancy is oppression, abortion is liberation, and the nuclear family is obsolete.

The most popular ‘racial justice’ group in recent memory takes this exact stance.  Black Lives Matter’s official statement the day Roe was struck down linked pro-life advocacy to ‘anti-Black racism’…Very few today publicly affirm what decades of research confirm:  that the ideal family structure for children is to be raised by their married biological parents in a stable and loving home [emphasis added].

More than 85 percent of women who have abortions are unmarried.  That means using financial resources, political capital, and cultural influence to broadcast the benefits of marriage could result in stronger families and fewer abortions.

…Research shows 97 percent of Millennials born between 1980 and 1984 who finish school, secure employment, and marry before having children are not poor by their mid-30s.  That message is tangible, achievable, and measurable…

One path leads to life.  The other to death.  One affirms the dignity of all humans and the centrality of the family.  The other enriches the abortion industry at the expense of future generations.

The choice should be clear.

The black community needs a lot of things.  Stronger families are at the top of that list [1][2].”

“‘See, I have set before you today life and good, death and evil…'” (Deut. 30: 15).

[1]  Newsweek, “Civil Rights Leaders Care More About Planned Parenthood Than About Black Families” by Devos Squires, 2/3/23, https://www.newsweek.com/civil-rights-leaders-care-more-about-planned-parenthood-black-families-opinion-1777948.

[2]  Writer Delano Squires is a Research Fellow at the Heritage Foundation’s Devos Center for Life, Religion, and Family.




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11 responses to ““Civil Rights Leaders Care More About Planned Parenthood Than Black Families” by Delano Squires

  1. – I have no guilt. All bad that befalls me is caused by outside forces, my own decisions are beyond reproach. I have no need for introspection or confession and surely need no father for guidance or comfort. I am happy. –
    Is this the best we can do for our children?

  2. Some of these advocates have a very anti-family view. I was sad back in 2020 reading BLM statement on their site actually don’t support the nuclear family which is so key to kids future

  3. Vielen Dank für Deine gründlichen Recherchen, die die Probleme auch für Außenstehende deutlich machen.
    Alles Liebe, Marie

  4. My daughter is a para at a public school and everyday she comes home with a story that clearly makes one want to say, what kind of parents does this child have? She works in kindergarten. So often her stories leaves us in tears.
    the only hope for children are Godly parents who teach Godly values, no matter the color of their skin.

  5. What society cannot bring itself to acknowledge is that God, who society is doing its best to eradicate, was right all along. When families allow God to be the core strength of the home, everything works as it should.

    When God is removed from the home, chaos ensues and nothing works as it should. Society says “no problem, we can fix all your problems. You don’t need God.” How’s that working out for us?

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