MAPs – Normalizing Pedophilia

boy with hands on his shoulders Painting by Rian Lemaire Smulders | Saatchi Art

“Boy with Hands on His Shoulders” by Rian Lemaire Smulders c/o Saatchi Art

The El Paso School District has begun the termination of Amber Parker, an English teacher at Franklin High School, for instructing her students to refer to pedophiles as MAPs or “minor-attracted persons” in a viral video which her supporters maintain was taken out of context [1].  Parker is purported to have said, “So don’t judge people just because they want to have sex with a 5 y.o.”

Dr. Allyn Walker, a professor at Virginia’s Old Dominion University, resigned after having stressed at a panel the importance of pedophiles being treated with “dignity” [2][6].

These are not isolated incidents.  There are pedophile advocacy organizations worldwide [3].

The acronym MAP is apparently preferred by pedophiles over the label “child molester”.  It represents an attempt to normalize pedophilia, and is increasingly being adopted as politically correct, particularly in the LGBT context.

Seeking to remove any negative connotation from the term pederast, there are even pedophiles now characterizing themselves as virtuous [4].  Such individuals view their twisted desires as mere symptoms of a fallen world — somewhere along the spectrum of normal human sexuality (neither aberrant, nor evil).

Despite believing they were “born this way”, so called “virtuous pedophiles” declare their intentions not to engage in sex with children.  How long those good intentions may last (and how they relate to the child pornography which supports the pedophile fantasy life) is anyone’s guess.

Though the terminology may be changing, the tragic reality is not.  By whatever name, pedophilia is not a natural sexual orientation.  Child molestation is not a step in the direction of a child’s sexual liberation.  Whatever form it takes, child abuse destroys lives:  the lives of predators, and the lives of victims.

That these truths must be pointed out is a measure of the depravity of our times.  Modern society is ever more accepting of behavior the Bible recognizes as sinful [5].

If anyone causes one of these little ones—those who believe in me—to stumble, it would be better for them to have a large millstone hung around their neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea” (Matt. 16: 8 NIV).

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[6]  I should add that all human beings are to be treated with dignity as made in the image of God.  We take pains to ensure that the legal rights of murderers are protected.  We do not, however, approve (let alone applaud) their actions.

The Mormon Church’s sex abuse “helpline” refers callers to church attorneys, effectively burying complaints rather than reporting them to lay authorities, as required by law. 

See, and



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24 responses to “MAPs – Normalizing Pedophilia

  1. Liebe Anna, es ist so traurig, dass diese Verbrechen an den unschuldigen Kindern nie aufhören werden. Umso wichtiger ist es, dass Du immer wieder darauf hinweist und mit Fakten belegst. Ich wünsche Dir alles erdenklich Gute, liebe Grüße,

    • Danke für deine Ermutigung, liebste Marie. Es fällt mir schwer, über solch dunkle Themen zu schreiben. Angesichts dieser Hässlichkeit verliere ich den Mut. Aber ich bin der Meinung, dass die Leser auf diese gefährlichen Trends aufmerksam gemacht werden müssen, um sie zu bekämpfen. Möge Gott mir Kraft zum Durchhalten geben.

      Deine Freundin,

      Anna ❤

  2. This story – above all others in the world today – shocks me to my core. There is NO WAY to take that vile video out of context.

  3. More proof that Satan’s true intent is to destroy the image of God in men and women by causing our society to self-destruct in the name of “tolerance.”

  4. It is hard to hit the like button. Anna, I like the fact you make us aware and draw attention to relevant cultural issues going on.

    LORD, have mercy upon the victims of these atrocities. Bring the evil to justice and repentance under your mighty hand.

  5. As always Anna, you have done a masterful job of presenting yet another uncomfortable result of a world that has rejected God.

    We have dehumanized children in order to “legally” murder them in the womb, and now we wonder how on earth children can be sexually victimized and abused? I am persuaded to believe that hypocrisy is the bedrock of a society that has not only gone mad, but it has also blinded us to truth and reason.

    This current generation’s pathetic excuse of “self-identification” has unleashed a torrent of immorality the likes of which the world has never known. Call it what they will, any human being who is sexually attracted to a child is an instrument of Satan. There is no other explanation for such behavior. They have willingly abandoned their God-given nature and replaced it with something so perverted and disgusting as to be unrecognizable as a child of their Creator.

    Society has opened a Pandora’s box of immorality, and the most frightening thing about that is that the same society clamors for more! We are drunken on the blood of innocent and exploited children, and still our appetite appears to be insatiable. What’s next, sacrificing our children on the altar of Molech?

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  7. Yes to Dora, and in tolerating everything, we judge the good as bad and stop protecting our innocent children.

  8. Anna, te felicito por tus publicaciones que siempre denuncian lo pernicioso e invitan al bien. No entiendo como existen personas que defienden a los pedófilos, cuando se trata de seres humanos depravados que destrozan la inocencia y lo más bello y puro de a infancia. Gracias por ser la voz que denuncia y crea conciencia.

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