“Easter Peace Meal” by Joseph Veneroso

“Head of Mary Magdalene” by Alexander Ivanov (1834), Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, Russia (PD-Art, PD-Old)

“Mary Magdalene mourns alone.
‘Woman, why are you weeping?’
the…Gardener asks.
‘Sir, if you have taken him,
tell me where he is.’
Lightning illumines her darkened soul
when she hears her name
spoken with such tenderness:

We are Emmaus bound,
downcast and discouraged,
without hope or happiness
till a Stranger opens our minds,
sets our hearts on fire,
sits with us at table,
and breaking bread,
bestows on us
and all the world
amazing grace.”

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18 responses to ““Easter Peace Meal” by Joseph Veneroso

  1. Amen Anna,
    How sweet the sound, I once was lost but now I’m found, was blind but now I see.. I would have remained a wretch but believed that our savior died for me. Have a blessed Resurrection Sunday!

  2. That touched. Peace to you, Anna, and joy.

  3. Beautiful, Anna. Happy Easter, my friend.

  4. Anna, have a wonderful Easter… and thank you for this inspirational piece. We all need a spiritual cleansing. Blessings, dear friend.

  5. Hello, ‘Stranger!’ You set my heart on fire of Hope. Hope I do the same for You. Love and Regards. 🙂

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  7. Hello, Anna. In my Old age, had forgotten that I had read (and commented) on this post; yet it is Worth returning to, and gives Rise to New thoughts. …Am Constantly Amazed when people seem to be Able to ‘live’ with ‘one’ experience. Me, I’m a fool. With Multiple experiences, find my life in a cycle, of ups AND downs. Needing His Word again, and Again. …Yet He Never Disappoints. …Good to see this post again. Hope and Pray You are well.

  8. Jen

    Thank God for that amazing grace!!

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