A Modern Plague – Trafficking in a Small Town

Main Street, Smyrna, DE, Author Dough4872 (CC BY-SA 4.0 International)

The I-95 Corridor which links New York City, Philadelphia, and Washington DC with Miami is a major conduit for human trafficking, a plague that has spread across this country [1A].  According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, as many as 100,000 children each year are victims of sex trafficking in the US.

Some 70% of trafficking incidents occur at truck stops.  There, predatory pimps seek out desperate young girls and boys, often runaways [1B].  Most vulnerable are children between the ages of 12 and 14 from broken homes, with low self-esteem and a history of trauma [1C].

Given its nightlife and gambling, Jersey City is considered a trafficking hot spot [1D].

Though situated on the I-95 Corridor, Smyrna – a small town in Delaware founded before the American Revolution – would seem an unlikely location for a human trafficking operation.  However, Smyrna police this week arrested James Walls and Sha Shen at the Kiki Spa for prostitution and human trafficking [2].

The heart is deceitful above all things, And desperately wicked; Who can know it?” (Jer. 17: 9).

What are we to make of this?  Is morality determined by geography?  The Bible tells us otherwise.

Those willing to exploit children are not confined to a single location and not easily identified.  Clearly, there were eager customers for the sexual favors of the captives in Smyrna, small town or not.  That had more to do with the corrupt nature of the human heart than the location of Smyrna.

[1A, 1B, 1C, and 1D]  NY Justice and Beyond, “Along the I-95 Corridor, human trafficking still a huge danger for at risk minors”, 5/10/16, https://nyjusticeandbeyond.wordpress.com/2016/05/10/along-the-i-95-corridor-human-trafficking-still-a-huge-danger-for-at-risk-minors/.

[2]  WBOC, “Smyrna Pair Arrested in Human Trafficking, Prostitution Investigation” by Kye Parsons, 12/11/19, http://www.wboc.com/story/41437429/smyrna-police-arrest-2-in-human-trafficking-prostitution-investigation.



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20 responses to “A Modern Plague – Trafficking in a Small Town

  1. Hopefully we as a nation can reach with love and reclaim human lives where we are. Every city has at least several who are strong to rescue.

  2. This crime is more prolific than we think. The mind those involved must be putrid.

  3. That is soooo sad 😔

  4. Although this is important information it is distressing to read! a lot of the time we have no idea what is happening in our own back yard.

  5. Anna, so much of the violence is squelched by law enforcement. We are fed falsehoods by the media. Thank goodness for your ‘divine intervention’ to keep us aware. Blessings.

  6. Great post Anna!
    When I was listening to Craig Sawyer of Vets For Child Rescue, He asked that people keep watch and train to recognize suspicious activity.
    As you said Anna, morality is not determined by geography..

  7. The story you write about is very sad. And it is sad that it is always the children that are the victims of these creeps. The government and also private industry should be setting up places for kids that want to flee abusive homes, but places that are safe for kids. As it is now and as it has been for decades, kids that flee their homes, or as they call them “runaways” get put into the same jails, prisons, juvenile jails as children that commit violent crimes. This is a huge mistake. It is sad that a child fleeing a home because they are being abused, beaten or tortured has to wind up in prison when they are ‘found’ or located after they run away. Just as they have safe homes for newborns , they need to have safe homes for all children and teens. (The newborns in our city can be safetly dropped off at some churches or some hospitals– where years ago, these same newborns would be discarded and found dead in trash cans. That has really changed since they made safe places for the infants.). Our society, to protect children and teens needs to make places for these kids that are runaways. If a child is not being abused, tormented or tortured, they don’t usually run away . It is a natural instinct of a child to want to stay with or near the parents (that are good parents). I’m glad you wrote that article there to expose what you say is happening there in that city.

  8. Yes, truck stops are huge in terms of human trafficking. When I first learned that Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, the county where I went to college (I went to Dickinson College in Carlisle, PA), is a major hub for human trafficking, I was shocked. But when I learned that truck stops are major hubs for human trafficking, and thought that truck stops in the area are ideally positioned because of all the major routes to major places (two major north-south routes in Interstates 81 and 83, and a major east-west route in the Pennsylvania Turnpike), I was dismayed still, but it made more sense.

  9. I have given up hope that any politician, police, and the corrupt charities will fix the problem because the politicians receive their funding for reelection from the special interests whose lively hood is in human trafficking and missing people. The police are influenced by the politicians and dependent on funding from the politicians, and the charities can’t make a financial profit if there is no human trafficking nor missing people. Just look at Prince Andrew’s friend. How many “other friends” in governments around the world was he a “friend” to also? Before you condemn me for being a “nut case”, why don’t you read my site?

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