Rotten Apples – Dangerous Apps at the Apple Store

Rotten apple, Author Vitalii Shmorgun, Source (CC BY-SA 3.0 Unported)

An investigation by the Washington Post has uncovered more than 1500 complaints of unwelcome sexual behavior on popular apps offered by Apple’s App Store [1].

Children were frequently the target of offensive behavior that included surprise masturbation by adult males and pressure for participants to disrobe.  Along with sexual content, complaints were, also, made of racism and bullying.

The apps investigated were Monkey, Yubo, Skout, Holla, ChatLive, and Chat for Strangers.  These social media platforms allow strangers to connect via video chat.

Apple markets its App Store as a safe setting and claims to carefully review each app.

Tragically, we value commerce over the safety of our children.

[1]  iMore, “The Washington Post:  1,500 instances of ‘unwanted sexual approaches’ uncovered in App Store reviews of random chat apps” by Stephen Warwick, 11/22/19,



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14 responses to “Rotten Apples – Dangerous Apps at the Apple Store

  1. I did not know about this. What a mess this world has become.

  2. One’s safe is another’s danger. The first, whose unspoken agenda sees no value in innocence in any stage of childhood, will apologize for PR, and then do it again

  3. Personally I don’t put much stock in either Apple or Android when it comes to vetting these app developers. These companies exist to make money, and if that means looking the other way when they should be digging deeper into how these apps work then so be it.

    Parents must know what is on their children’s phones and tablets at all times. Leaving their safety to the Apple’s and Android’s of the world is to leave the gate open to every kind of vile predator out there.

  4. Great post Anna!

    Parents truly need to investigate phone features before they allow their children to have them. Snap chat has been known to be a source of teen abduction.. Men posing as their age group entice a meet and it never ends well. Blocking APPS on your child’s phone is the wise thing to do.

    This world has sunken into depravity and soon the Lord will return and make all things new.

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  6. Ughhh… sickening enough for an adult,
    never mind kids!!! 🤨🙏💜 Jackie@KWH

  7. Anna, I just returned from a road trip and am completely shocked of what has become of our country. What use to take decades has occurred in one week- the downing of America and all the good it use to stand for. The citizens of the good old USA have managed to successfully destroy every value, moral and principle and it’s all due to that orange topped buffoon in the White House. And, he has managed to send that shock wave clear around the world. Let what tiny fragment of hope beware. Blessings.

    • I completely agree that the nation’s standards have been eroded. I believe our very democracy is at risk. I cannot help but be reminded of the Roman Empire which transitioned from a republic to a dictatorship before it fell. While we have been betrayed by our leaders, the moral decay is more pervasive than that. We have lost sight of the fact we are all Americans — regardless of party affiliation — and have forgotten that our blessings derive from a just and holy God. I fear there are darker days ahead. May God keep you in His care, Lance.

      • Anna, our only hope will be decided this fall. If the Dems don’t regain the White House and the Senate, our democracy is over, our freedom ended. All we can do now is pray and vote. Thank you- may God keep you in His care as well.

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