Blue Sunday

WARNING:  Graphic Images

Today is Blue Sunday – a day of prayer for the victims of child abuse, and those who attempt to rescue them.

We hope and pray.  But it is difficult to escape the grinding reality of child abuse, to remain in any way positive despite the fact that innocent lives are daily being lost.

Another such tragedy came to light this week, when the body of 5 y.o. AJ Freund was found in a shallow grave [1].

The boy’s parents, JoAnn Cunningham and Andrew Freund, have been charged with his murder.  After subjecting the child to an icy shower, the couple proceeded to beat him to death, then reported him missing to cover their tracks.

Neighbors tied up blue ribbons while the search for the boy was still ongoing.

However, the Illinois Dept. of Children and Family Services had been involved with the family for years.  AJ, you see, was born with opioids in his system.  DCHFS later investigated two more allegations of neglect, documenting horrific living conditions.

AJ’s younger brother has temporarily been removed from the home.  Meanwhile, JoAnn Cunningham is expecting another child [2].

[1]  Chicago Tribune, “Parents of missing 5-year-old AJ Freund charged with murder after Crystal Lake boy’s body found in shallow grave” by Amanda Marrazzo et al, 4/25/19,

[2]  Chicago Tribune, “As AJ Freund’s pregnant mother faces murder charge in his death, what happens when her baby is born?” by Angie Leventis Lourgos, 4/25/19,



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11 responses to “Blue Sunday

  1. Why do people have children who do not want them and maltreat them? Some people are unfit to have children and should not be allowed. It is beyond my understanding how they can murder their own and yet so many do. Especially those children who are under government supervision and nearly always these children end up dead. What is the government missing here!? How can they want another baby when two are unwanted. They just breed like rats.

    • You ask a profound question, Nanette. Abusers are inherently selfish. Children are simply objects for their abuse.

      The power abusers exercise over their victims is intoxicating. Children may be “punished” for failing to live up to their parents’ twisted and unrealistic expectations…or for no reason at all. Meanwhile, many abusers delude themselves into thinking their behavior is justified.

      We lament failures of government oversight. However, we often provide inadequate resources to the agencies assigned to monitor child abuse and neglect. Social worker case loads can be enormous.

      Handing off responsibility for oversight of child rearing to any government agency creates enormous difficulties. The levers of government are cumbersome, and not equipped to deal w/ the complex task of parenting. Bureaucratic snafus are bound to occur. Courts are charged w/ protecting the rights of all the parties, and often do not intervene until the damage has been done.

      Scripture says the heart is corrupted by sin, therefore, deceitful (Jer. 17: 9). I fear child abuse will be w/ us while sin exists in the world.

  2. We hope and pray. May God make us all instruments of peace.

  3. Heartbreaking news Anna..
    The billions spent on war should be advocated to better protect women and children.
    I agree with Gbolabo.. We desperately need peace.. John 14:27
    Thank you for being a voice for victims of abuse.

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    Blue Sunday: A post by A Voice Reclaimed

  5. There are human monsters in this world. That is a shocking crime.

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