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“How and why are we being looked at as bigots because we want our children to learn how to read and write and do math so that they can function in society and make a living for themselves, and that we be the bastions of their emotional and social welfare and well-being?  We’re their parents.  That’s our job.  It’s not the school’s job, and it’s not no politician’s job neither [1A].”

-Gabrielle Clark

Gabrielle Clark is determined to safeguard her son and daughter against what she views as the woke indoctrination of young children with critical race theory (CRT) and gender ideology [1B].

Legal Challenge to Critical Race Theory

Clark (who describes herself as an “atheist, bisexual, bi-racial, homeless person”) brought suit in Nevada in what is believed to be the first case in the United States challenging critical race theory [1C][2].  Clark urges parents who agree with her to do likewise, across the country.

Required Self-Identification and Derogatory Labeling

In Sociology of Change a/k/a civics classes in Nevada, high school students were required to publicly disclose their gender, sexual orientation, race, and religious affiliation, then attach labels such as “privileged” or “oppressor”.  Students were asked to “undo” or “unlearn” the “beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors that stem from oppression.”

When Clark’s son declined, he received a failing grade.  The litigation arising from this is still pending.

CRT Not Age Appropriate

“Critical race theory is not age appropriate [at the K-12 level].  It requires that you have a nuanced understanding of race relations that children do not have [1D].”

-Gabrielle Clark

God created all men equal, regardless of color.  We are brothers and sisters in His eyes.  Racial bias is, therefore, something we should work to correct — both on an individual and a societal basis.

Critical race theory (originally developed in a Marxist context) examines how laws in the United States have been used to support racial inequality [3A][4].  It asserts that racial bias is not only reflected in the historic record (as, for instance, by slavery) but has been institutionalized and is today systemic [3B].

Gabrielle Clark believes these issues should be open for discussion and debate in college or higher academia [5].

Proponents of critical race theory, however, blame problems among communities of color primarily — if not exclusively — on what they perceive as continued oppression by the prevailing white power structure [3C].

This tends to undermine individual responsibility, fostering instead an attitude of victimhood on the one hand (Gabrielle Clark’s specific concern) and racial guilt on the other [6][7A].  Unfortunately, it is a view that is making its way even into churches [7B].

Sexualization of  Children

“…I do not want my child to be taught that just because she is Black and a woman she ain’t gonna make it.  I do not want my daughter to be taught that she needs to express herself sexually in her classroom [1E].”

-Gabrielle Clark

Sexualization occurs when individuals are treated as mere sex objects, evaluated solely on the basis of their physical characteristics and seductive demeanor [8].  This is often accompanied by unrealistic standards of beauty.

Our popular culture increasingly accepts the early sexualization of children, particularly girls [9].  Dolls wearing fishnet stockings are marketed to 6 year olds.

Gabrielle Clark’s objection is that biological women are seen, from a woke perspective, as at the bottom of an “oppression privilege matrix”.  She does not want her daughter to accept this self-defeating proposition.  Nor does she want gender fluidity forced upon her children.

We should all be such fierce advocates for our children.

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Former Pennsylvania judges Michael Conahan and Mark Ciavarella who sent hundreds of children to for-profit jails in exchange for kickbacks have been ordered to pay over $200 million to their victims.





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10 responses to “Fierce

  1. YES!!! “We should all be such fierce advocates for our children.”

  2. GO GABRIELLE! Teach the indoctrinators! 🙂
    ❤️&🙏, c.a.

  3. Thank you for bringing attention around this! Keep up the good fight.

  4. Es ist richtig und äußerst wichtig, dass wir die Kinder und überhaupt alle Menschen, die sich in Not befinden, mit allen Mitteln verteidigen. Wie gut, dass Du das immer wieder aufzeigst. Alles Liebe, Marie

  5. Wir müssen dafür kämpfen, dass nicht immer wieder so viel Unrecht geschieht. Alles Liebe, Marie

  6. Fierce, yes! Thank-you. But a couple of current phrases haunt such as “that ship has sailed” in that this indoctrination through schools seems to have happened suddenly, everywhere, and with unbelievable clout. We can intercede now, but we must pray that our little ones can overcome “one cannot unsee –or unhear” what was clearly meant to bend the twig away from us.

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