Missing and Murdered

Remains of missing 15-month-old Evelyn Boswell found on family property:  Authorities - ABC News
Evelyn Boswell, Image courtesy of ABC News

WARNING:  Graphic Images

The 15 month old toddler, Evelyn Boswell, is about to have a Tennessee law named after her [1].  The baby disappeared from her home in December but was not reported missing till February.  Police were told she was on vacation with a friend or visiting her grandmother. 

When the lies were disproven, and the child’s remains were found on the family property, her mother, Megan “Maggie” Boswell, was charged with felony murder [2][3]. 

The new law would require that parents or legal guardians notify law enforcement or the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation within 24 hours of the disappearance of a child 12 years of age or younger. Failure would result in a Class A misdemeanor.  A higher penalty would apply, if the missing child were later found to have serious bodily injury.

But Evelyn Boswell is not the only missing child later found murdered.

Both Tylee Ryan, 17 y.o., and her brother Joshua “JJ” Vallow, 10 y.o. – the children of Lori Daybell – were buried at the home of Chad Daybell, Lori’s fifth husband [4][5]. The girl’s body had been dismembered.

Though the children were missing for 8 months, their mother refused to assist in the search for them. Before the bodies were discovered, Lori Daybell said variously that she would be home schooling the boy, that he was “safe”, and that he was staying with a friend. Texts from the girl’s phone after what is now known to have been her death indicated she, too, was “safe”. Lori Daybell meanwhile abandoned a storage locker with clothing, bikes, and photos related to the children.

Lori Daybell was initially charged with desertion and non-support of dependent children. These charges were dropped in favor of obstruction and concealment of evidence. Chad Daybell has been charged with felony murder. Both deny the charges.

A Dateline episode aired, regarding this tragic case [6]. We all, of course, remember the equally bizarre case of Caylee Anthony [7].

It takes a dark heart to murder children. For a parent to murder them is beyond comprehension. Not, unfortunately, beyond the realm of possibility.

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Three toddlers were found stabbed to death in their Los Angeles apartment. Their mother, Liliana Carrillo, has been arrested.

See, https://www.thedailybeast.com/liliana-carillo-identified-as-person-of-interest-after-3-kids-found-stabbed-to-death-in-reseda-los-angeles?source=articles&via=rss.



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24 responses to “Missing and Murdered

  1. It is so sad that a precious life is taken.
    My faith is that they are with Jesus, with peace and great joy.

  2. Francisco Bravo Cabrera

    Unfortunately these sad incidents are very hard to prevent and punishment does not seem to be a strong deterrent. Education and faith in God is the only way. Greetings Anna and all the best to you,

  3. It sends chills down back just to read this. So very sad.

  4. Horrifying evil. Those poor babies. I believe they’re now with a Heavenly Father and away from harm. Thank God for His redemption.

  5. Petrina

    This is so sad. All cases of parents killing children or people killing children are so disturbing and tragic. I was speaking very recently with family members about the increase I’m seeing lately in reports of mothers killing their own children. A woman who can murder her child is capable of anything.

    • The phenomenon is extremely distressing. There is a horrific story in the Bible at 2 Kings 6: 24-30 of two women agreeing to kill and eat their children during a famine. That is all I can think to compare this to…only there is no famine.

  6. Allan Halton

    No words. Groanings too deep for words.

  7. Such a tragedy to hear about these murders 😥 It’s the unfortunate reality of the world we live in. Back when I lived in England I heard many cases of such events and it’s very sad to hear. Prayers for those who have witnessed such horrors. God bless

  8. It is hard to hear about such events. People killing children are so disturbing and tragic. I have no words for it.

  9. I am stunned by it. How someone can be so brutal as to kill his child.

  10. I’m so glad those babies are in heaven with the Lord! So much evil in this world; it’s hard to wrap my brain around!

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