The Little Ones

Taurus 669 handgun, Author Philippe Kurlapski (CC BY-SA 1.0 Generic)

WARNING:  Graphic Images

Sadly, it is not difficult to find stories of violence and abuse in the news.

  • Messiah Taplin, a 4 y.o. Texas boy, was allegedly shot to death by Zantyler Foster-Hooks, a partygoer celebrating the New Year with a firearm inside an apartment [1].
  • A Michigan man, Latravion McMillon, is being sought in the murder of his 6 y.o. stepson, Jaylen Worthington [2].  The boy sustained head trauma, broken ribs, and a punctured lung before being pronounced brain dead.
  • A 7 y.o. Illinois girl, Natalie Wallace, was fatally shot in a drive-by, while visiting her grandmother [3A]. A 20 month old boy and a 10 y.o. girl were among those shot to death during a single Chicago weekend [3B].
  • An Arizona woman, Michelle Boone, has been charged with assaulting her children for not wearing masks, after the children tested positive for COVID-19 [4].  The children range in age from 5 y.o. to 14 y.o.  Boone struck one child in the face, picked another up by the throat, and kicked a third.  Police believe she may have been under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time.

The little ones are always the ones at risk.  But the scars of such abuse – assuming the children survive it – can last a lifetime.

But Jesus said, ‘Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for of such is the kingdom of heaven’ ” (Matt. 19: 14).

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18 responses to “The Little Ones

  1. One of the things I’ve been so worried about during this pandemic are all the people who are in abusive relationships stuck at home with their abusers. Not only can they not escape, but I am certain that as financial stresses, etc have mounted so have the instances of abuse. It’s heartbreaking. Thank you for your continued efforts to keep the reality of abuse and injustice at the forefront of people’s minds. ❤️

  2. Allan Halton

    “A call to arms.” That puts this in its right perspective, and wards off despair. I pray that more and more will hear that call in an hour of intensifying darkness.

  3. Francisco Bravo Cabrera

    I am thankful that I was never involved in a case like those when I was in the police department. However, I did hear of many. The overabundance of firearms, the lack of education, the lack of good examples, the lack of worthy parents, the lack of family support, the idea that we can do whatever we want, the lack of absolute values, the thought that right or wrong do not exist and consequences are the only thing that matter, and the fact that God was taken out of peoples lives…

    I think all those things contribute to people committing these horrible atrocities. A human being does not kill a child, there has to be something else there, an anomaly in the brain, an evil spirit, I don’t know but it is not normal in any way. So, what can be done about it? I certainly don’t know. All I know is that whatever can or must be done implies a radical change in the way they…the tele, which is the new nanny, teacher and parent…is raising children in this day and age.

    A very profound and important post Anna. Take good care and stay safe, let’s all pray that 2021 will bring an end to the COVID pandemic and all these other terrible ills that have befallen our world.

    • You make a powerful case, my friend. And you are right in every way. It pains me to write about tragedies like these. Only a return to God can stem them. But I see no sign of that. Instead, I fear that Allan has described the situation correctly. We are moving deeper into darkness.

  4. I often think of the defenseless among us as I read how the Bible details what is coming upon mankind. Will they be the first to perish? Will anyone dare come to their rescue? Will there be resources to provide for them?

    Then I look around at the current conditions so many children are forced to live in and endure, and I cannot help but wonder why? Why, when this is so senseless, so needless. Why do we continue down the path of lovelessness, insensitivity, and selfishness when there is a loving Savior longing to lead us to a better life here and for all eternity?

    The blindness of man today has led to a level of depravity unmatched in history. Sadly, as has always been, it is the children who must bear the sins of their fathers. I pray that God would use us to alleviate the suffering of as many as possible.

  5. So incredibly upsetting to continue to see that automatic guns and weapons that no one needs are continuing to lead to more and more innocent victims. I wonder when the US will wake up and say enough children have died for no reason other than people insisting on their right to bare arms. I will never understand this. We owe the little ones, the innocent children, more than this don’t we? Great articles Anna but horribly sad. Thank you for your very informative post. Love to you my dear friend. You are in my heart. xoxoxo

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