Systemic Evil

  • Child Sexual Abuse Imagery on YouTube. A large volume of child erotica is being monetized on YouTube [1].  The YouTube algorithm unwittingly works to favor child sexual abuse imagery.  Disney, AT&T, Hasbro, Nestle, and McDonald’s have pulled advertising over the fact their ads are running on videos of young girls which pedophiles have sexualized.  YouTube is blocking predatory comments, but not taking down these videos though social media is often used to facilitate grooming.
  • Violation by Labor Secretary of Crime Victims’ Rights Act.  Judge Kenneth Marra has ruled that Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta violated the Crime Victims’ Rights Act when he arranged a plea deal for multi-millionaire Jeffrey Epstein without informing victims [2].  Despite having engaged in human trafficking and the abuse of more than 80 underage victims, Epstein was sentenced to a mere 13 months in a private wing of the Palm Beach county jail.  Acosta, then the US Attorney for the Southern District of Florida, not only failed to prosecute Epstein under federal sex trafficking laws, but denied victims their opportunity to oppose the plea deal in open court or appeal it.  Moreover, the secret plea deal shut down an ongoing FBI investigation, guaranteeing Epstein and his co-conspirators immunity from further prosecution.

  • Known Sexual Predator on Government Payroll for Decades.  Investigation by Frontline and the Wall Street Journal confirms that Dr. Stanley Patrick Weber was moved from reservation to reservation by the US Indian Health Service (IHS) for over twenty years despite allegations that he was abusing Native American boys [3][4].  The IHS serves a largely impoverished population with little or no other access to health care.  Weber supplied victims with money, alcohol, and opioids.  He was finally convicted in 2016 of assaulting two Montana boys.  Many of Weber’s victims have spent years in and out of prison and/or struggling with addiction.  In its defense, the IHS indicates it was desperate for medical staff.  Other physicians have been hired with drug problems, criminal convictions, or a history of violence.
  • Catholic Church Sex Scandal.  Although widespread clergy abuse has been uncovered in the United States, Chile, Ireland, Germany, and Australia, there is little hope that the current Conference on the Protection of Minors will result in genuine – and long overdue – reform by the Catholic Church [5].  Clergy abuse in India, Africa, and elsewhere in the undeveloped world has yet to be addressed.  Pope Francis attributes abuse to clericalism, i.e. an excessive deference to clergy and the assumption of moral superiority on their part despite all evidence to the contrary [6][7].  However, the failure to put universal mandatory safeguards in place has played a large role.  Recommendations by the earlier Commission for the Protection of Minors were approved by the Pope, then ignored by the Curia. Subsidiarity allows the bishops in each country to make their own decisions about reform.  Meanwhile, the rape of nuns by priests and bishops has been reported to church hierarchy for 25 years, but is only now coming to light [8][9][10].

Whether corruption is governmental, ecclesiastical, or otherwise, it can become so blatant and pervasive as to undermine any good that may be accomplished by an organization or institution.

But victims are not without recourse, in the face of systemic evil.  Public outcry in the form of protest and boycott can be extremely powerful.  The only question is whether the public will can be marshaled.

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17 responses to “Systemic Evil

  1. Anna, excellent post this is shaming and bringing evil to the fore. Unfortunately too many people are afraid of the word “evil” and walk away turning a blind eye to these horrific acts which only an evil person could par-take. The reason why it is not outlawed as it involves prominent people in society.

  2. The number of criminals presiding in our very justice system itself is an overwhelming burden. If precedent is set by their manipulation of the law what can be done??

    • There are procedures in place to remove a judge or district attorney from office. An attorney’s license can be revoked for ethical violations. All these, however, require active involvement by the public. The citizenry cannot sit idly by.

  3. Corruption,in whatever method it manifests itself,is at its very core the epitome of evil.
    The degradation of our children via erotica and pornography that is permitted to continue is a sure sign of a broken society.

    That we would exploit our children in such a manner reveals a people who have abandoned any notion of decency and morality,to say nothing of it’s outright rejection of God.

    Sentencing sexual predators to what amounts to a slap on the wrist is a calling card to others that says the door is wide open,come on in because there is no longer any real fear of committing such devious acts.

    This post, Anna, says so eleqountly what many of us have long believed: corruption has embedded itself into the DNA of our society. There is no escape from it,there is no part of society left untouched by it.

    The only known antidote is Jesus Christ,and I pray that those who are still able to hear His voice will repent and turn to Him while there is still time.

  4. Excellent post Anna! It must be stopped but. Your concern for the wellness of society is admirable.Lots of Love ❤️❤️

  5. Great post Anna!
    It amazes me that with all the spy tech available today, that these perpetrators would not be found and arrested.. Crimes against children should take priority.
    Ecclesiastes 12:14

  6. Reblogged this on Pennies For Dreams and commented:
    It should be our greatest fight to protect children!
    Systemic Evil
    Post by Anna Waldherr at A Voice Reclaimed.

  7. There is a reason why the saying that “Absolute power corrupts absolutely. ” holds true to this day.
    Every time that man plays God, deciding what is right and what is wrong, evil is always predictable. How can it be that in the last place of sanctuary known to most people, the Church, abuse has been ongoing and condoned for more than 25 years? As long as men have no one to whom they are immediately accountable, they are unable to help themselves. Be they Bishops or archbishops, the fear of God is a difficult concept in a time of grace. The heart of man is wicked. Until he surrenders his body, soul and spirit to God, and until there is another who can question one’s authority, people are capable of profound callousness.
    Thank you for sharing, Anna. ❤

    • Thank you for your insights, Gbolabo. Sadly, human beings are all too capable of finding rationalizations for the evil they do. The very thought that the human heart may be wicked offends many, even in the church. Wishing you well, A. ❤

  8. So sickeningly sad! 😥 💜 Jackie@KWH

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