Why Victims Don’t Leave



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11 responses to “Why Victims Don’t Leave

  1. Thank you for sharing Anna – revelatory.

  2. Thank you for sharing , Anna. This is quite expository. She answered the questions that pop up in our heads everytime we hear stories of abuse. Spousal abuse is partucularly puzzling to outsiders. Who knew that abusive spouses are con artists who have monstrous master plans well laid out to trap their victims. I am glad that offerred a solution to those experiencing abuse. I hope they find the courage and the opportunity to speak out. I hope they speak up to people who will intervene before it is too late.

    • Thank you for your kindness, Gbolabo. As you point out, many people cannot understand why victims “don’t just leave”. But the manipulation, the barrage of criticism, and the threats of violence to which victims are subjected can be overwhelming. Concern for the welfare of their children is often the decisive factor both in whether to stay or leave. Some victims stay fearing their children will be abducted or murdered if they do not. Others finally leave hoping to spare their children further exposure to abuse.

  3. So extremely informative. Definitely sheds light on the matter.
    I’ve always wondered how easy people make it sound to just leave a toxic household when they’ve never really gone through a similar scenario to compare in the first place.

  4. Like many, I’m a big fan of this video. Glad to see it posted here, I share many of your views and enjoy what you have to say. You might be interested to read of my piece on 11 Way to Start Changing the Cycle of Violence.

    • Thank you. I appreciate the support. Your mother’s death from domestic violence must have been a great blow. I can only imagine that your work with survivors is deeply rewarding.

      • Thank you Anna. It was a total devastation for me and my family. I’ve been blessed enough to help many and use my mother’s memory as motivation in my book The Third Return hoping it will help victims and survivors, as well as children experiencing the re precautions of family violence.

      • I am sure your mother would be proud of your efforts.

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