Pedophiles have found a way to communicate, exchange child pornography, and offer children for sexual activity in relative freedom [1]. To do this they utilize something known as the “darknet”.

The darknet is a private computer network accessible only by browsers which mask the identity of the user with encryption software. The darknet is a part of the Deep Web which, in turn, is a part of the World Wide Web we all know.

Not indexed by standard search engines like Google, the Deep Web was originally intended for military use [2]. It is still partially funded by the US government, with the purpose of facilitating free speech by political dissidents in China and elsewhere.

Unfortunately, authorities suspect the Deep Web has become a haven for criminality. Comprised of billions of websites (some merely massive databases), it is growing exponentially in size. The darknet is a case in point.

The darknet operates on a network of 6000 servers which reroute signals to hide a user’s location from law enforcement. A British study found that 80% of the traffic to the darknet was related to child pornography. When a pernicious site is located by police and taken down, another quickly replaces it.

The name “darknet” is appropriate. Scan the blogs of abuse victims, and you will quickly encounter imagery about darkness. Some of us view ourselves as children of darkness, the product of the harm done to us. This is not a true picture of who we are. But the harm was so profound that the description “feels” true.

Before Jesus’ coming, Messianic prophecies had foretold that those who sat in darkness would one day see a great light (Matt. 4: 16). Jesus spoke of Himself as the light of the world; He promised that those who followed Him would, “‘…not walk in darkness, but have the light of life’” (John 8: 12).

Jesus makes the offer of Himself still today. Those of us who accept Him need no longer be intimidated by darkness…whatever form it takes.

[1] CBS News, “Pedophiles find a safe haven on the ‘darknet’ ” by Holly Williams, 4/9/15, http://www.cbsnews.com/news/pedophiles-finding-a-safe-haven-on-the-dark-net/.

[2] International Business Times, Technology,“Meet the Deep Web: Inside the Hidden Internet that Lies beyond Google” by Charles Poladian and Jeff Stone, 4/10/15, http://www.ibtimes.com/meet-deep-web-inside-hidden-internet-lies-beyond-google-1725784.



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14 responses to “Darkness

  1. Wow, I had never heard of the darknet before. I guess this explains when I’ve heard of an arrest on the news for child porn it’s on the accused hard drive of their computer. I always wondered why they didn’t know the site where they downloaded the porn from.

  2. This is scary stuff, my friend. It’s like the Internets lowest level of hell. As I was reading it, I pictured unkempt men in darkened rooms exchanging pictures and videos of innocents. But maybe they’re are clean-shaven men wearing suits sitting in office buildings. It’s so evil!

  3. Your sixth paragraph resonates with me. Not to bring this to focus on myself, but to illustrate your point, my post “Every Picture Tells A Story” does speak of darkness. How timely, that you should’ve written this post and alluded to that. Your final paragraph gives hope and healing – thank you!

    • I’m always grateful when a post of mine strikes a chord. I’m sure readers would appreciate all three of your websites: mariewilliams53.wordpress.com, riceandpease.wordpress.com, and BlackPoetsSociety.wordpress.com.


      A. ❤

      • Thank you so much Anna. If you ever want a break from the lawyer job, do you fancy being my publicity agent (lol)! Seriously though, you are doing sterling work and I pray that you will continue to be blessed and supported in your calling to speak out about child abuse. It takes bravery and wisdom and a very special soul to do so.

      • It means a great deal for me to hear that, Marie. It is so easy to lose heart. The magnitude of the problem is staggering. Everyday there are more children harmed. Mine is just one voice. But I think of “The Star Thrower”. Do you know that essay by Loren Eiseley? It’s become something of a cliche, I suppose. A man tossing stranded starfish back into the sea is confronted with the fact he cannot possibly save them all. He replies that he is trying to make a difference one life at a time. That is exactly what I am trying to do. Along the way, I get to meet wonderful people like you. People who refuse to exchange evil for evil…who refuse to let darkness win.

      • Anna, I have heard about “The Star Thrower” “cliche”, but I did not know it was an essay. I will check that out! I am a very compassionate person, because I have suffered? I do not know. Perhaps I would have been regardless of my past experiences. But what I do know is that I must offer support, love and encouragement to all those brave souls who do what they can to put right wrongs. Funnily enough, I wanted to re-blog your post but I find that the response from other bloggers is patchy, compared to when I blog about issues that are not so contentious. I thought if one person reads this and one child is helped out of abuse, then my work will not be in vain. I just want to gather up all those small souls suffering abuse and heal them but I realise this is a mammoth task. So Anna for now, all we can do is work tirelessly in whatever way we can to make a difference. I recognise in you a part of me and perhaps although we cannot see the bigger picture, much darkness is being dissipated and replaced by light, and maybe, just maybe, we are nearer to the winning line than we think. Marie x

      • You’ve certainly been a blessing to me, Marie. ❤

  4. The first half is informative and enlightening (pun intended) and the second powerful in the freedom you hold out for those who feel imprisoned in the dark.

    • Thank you, Diana. Your generosity is as impressive as your talent. I recommend your blog A Holistic Journey aholisticjourney.wordpress.com to anyone who loves beautifully crafted language.

      • You’re too much, Anna. I don’t know if you realize you are among the very (very) few victims of abuse out here on WP who have known the transforming power of the Gospel and can hold out confident hope – rather, promise – of redemption. You don’t cry about the past as you instead sound the clarion of a new day. And for when you ever type in my site to visit, holisticwayfarer.com is the shorter route. =)

      • God bless you, Diana. You do my heart good.

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