The Link Between Domestic Abuse and Mass Shootings

File:05 22 21 Downtown Minneapolis Mass Shooting (51196885820).jpgMinneapolis Mass Shooting 5/22/21, Author Chad Davis, Source
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  • 6 were killed and 12 injured in a recent mass shooting in Sacramento [1].  Three shooters were subsequently identified, and found to have domestic violence backgrounds [2A].
  • Last year, a man who murdered 9 coworkers at a railyard had earlier been accused of sexual assault and abusive behavior toward a girlfriend [2B].
  • The man who murdered 49 patrons of the Pulse nightclub in 2016 had beaten and strangled his former wife [2C].

The Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Violence Solutions reports that 7 of 10 mass shootings were committed by batterers [2D].

A study in the Journal of Injury Epidemiology confirms that violence against a partner and violence against a stranger are closely related [3][4].  Between 2014 and 2019, 75 of 110 mass shootings were either domestic abuse related or perpetrated by an individual with a domestic abuse background.

Sex trafficking (often viewed as a separate category) must, also, be included in this mix [2E].

Not all domestic abusers will, of course, become mass murderers [5].  The link, however, is very strong.


A number of psychoanalysts believe that many mass murders have a borderline personality.

Available evidence though suggests that the vast majority do not suffer from serious mental illness (schizophrenia, other psychotic disorders, bipolar disorder, or major depressive disorder) [6].

The Christian Perspective

From a Christian perspective, none of this comes as a real surprise.  We are commanded not to kill.  That commandment is straightforward.

You shall not murder” (Ex. 20: 13 NKJV).

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16 responses to “The Link Between Domestic Abuse and Mass Shootings

  1. Considering that “evil” is mentioned over 550 times in the scriptures(kjv), it is a small wonder that we are seeing such violence in our society.
    Man, separated from his Creator by sin, has an insatiable appetite for destruction and violence. As the gulf widens between fallen man and God, the frequency and levels of atrocities committed by man will continue to escalate. This has been the pattern from the beginning.
    Thank God however that the love of Christ is made available to all. He alone can break this deadly cycle of sin!

  2. Everything that happens to us or around us has an impact on our lives. It’s up to the individual & their relationship with the Father whether we will be impacted for GOOD or EVIL.

    😇 OR 👿

  3. Those are interesting statistics.

  4. Great post Anna,
    I believe there should be more intervention in childhood..
    We are seeing more and more children who are on medication for behavior issues. Children hitting their parents, or a parent in fear of their teen.
    Fragile minds being molded by violence in the media does not help..
    I have seen teen boys and girls abusing their mate, so it starts early.
    And as you say, without Christ in their life violence takes over.

    • The question arises, who should intervene? Many would say the state, removing or reducing parental rights. Florida is currently wrestling w/ this issue. But the state is merely comprised of flawed individuals, reflecting the prevailing mores of a society that is increasingly godless.

  5. Thank you very much for your interesting and well-researched report. You are right: we can choose our reponse. I wish you all the best, dear Anna, Marie

  6. Es terrible la tendencia humana a la destrucción, a la violencia. Es algo que aumenta en las sociedades y lamentablemente hasta parece normal. Qué terrible que una sociedad se acostumbre a eso.

  7. So scary the correlation

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