Time and the Value of Women

Models walk the runway during Miami Fashion Week 2019, Author Fashion photographer James Santiago (CC BY-SA 4.0 International)

‘Vanity of vanities,’ says the Preacher; ‘Vanity of vanities, all is vanity.’ ” (Eccl. 1: 2).

Clearly, women in Western culture are valued for their youth.  We see this all around us.

Ads for every conceivable product from liquor to cable television feature young women (with two ton steel vehicles actually termed “sexy” to increase sales).

Then there are the countless products marketed to women for the ever present “problem” of aging (creams which claim rejuvenating power, hair dyes, Botox injections, and breast implants, to name just a few).  As if living were insufficient.

Starlets in flimsy clothing populate our magazines.  Girls as young as 14 model for us, in the place of adult women.  Meanwhile, women in their 60s seek plastic surgery – even in vitro fertilization – to prolong their saleability.

Each moment lived, a woman’s value decreases or so it can seem.

A Flight from Death

Perhaps the urge to remain young, or at least appear young, is a flight from death.  If anything, however, it highlights the inexorability of time.  The race is rigged.  Everyone loses in the end.

Christians know that this jaded view is incorrect, incomplete since it fails to take God into account.  Some 3000 years ago, when King Solomon composed the Book of Ecclesiastes (from which the quote above is taken), he deliberately wrote from that skewed perspective to drive home his point about the need for God in our lives.

Human nature has not improved much, in the intervening centuries.  We remain susceptible to the adversary’s lies.

True Value

But if youth is valuable, maturity is no less so.  Our value in God’s eyes does not diminish with age.  It was never linked to time, in the first place.  Our true value derives from the fact that we have all, male and female, been created by God and that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, died for our Salvation.

The Power to Change Things

Women have worked in every field of endeavor from art, literature, journalism, and politics, to agriculture, engineering, science, and the military.

Unlike fashion mannequins, women have functioning eyes, ears, and mouths.  We can see the injustice, in the world; can hear the cries of the needy, and give voice to the voiceless.

Issues of domestic violence, rape, human trafficking, child slavery, and the sex trade in all its forms have special relevance for us.

Most importantly, women raise the children of the world [1].

Because of that, women – in the West, at least – have the power to change things.  We need not settle for a faulty view of our worth.  We can teach our children – both boys and girls – the true value of women, and strive to improve the status of women everywhere.

If we do this, however short or long the time given us, we will have used it well.

[1]  This is not meant denigrate the role of men in raising children, or the contribution of women in the many fields at which they have excelled.

Originally posted 8/2/15



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29 responses to “Time and the Value of Women

  1. Thank you for writing this post Anna. It is so important to value women as people with numerous talents and strengths, and not as objects, or eye candy. Your point about aging is important too. If we can live with eternity in sight, and remember that time is limited, it helps in making the most of our lives. However, we are still fighting against a very powerful bias in society.

  2. The skin-stretched and botoxed may be afraid of losing happiness. It is the illusory feeling of self-importance on which you write. That is not to say to enjoy wrinkles, rather, forget them. The joy of being loved, despite the aging mask seeps in, and begs the giving out of love and wisdom.

  3. Brian (SearchingForLostSoul)

    Morality is becoming less of a concern for the world. But without morality, how do teach respect? I like your idea for mothers, lets hope it’s not too late.

  4. Allan Halton

    Another thing this means is that women who do not come in the popular sexy “package” that is sold on our society often face a life of loneliness, and may even become bitter against God because of it. Character counts for so little, it seems; character has fallen on hard times in our day. One can be devoid of character, yet be “sexy,” and that’s all that counts. But that is so short-lived, and itself can lead to great disappointment and bitterness. Oh that from their youth, young men and women would be taught the value of character– and seek that out when it comes to building a relationship, regardless of the shape of the outward “package” it might come in.

  5. Situations are almost the same in every part of the world. But I agree, they have power to change things for a better tomorrow. Thank-you for writing about this which people often don’t talk.

  6. Good post too much emphasis is placed on being “sexy” and not enough importance placed on having a personality and education. No emphasis placed on other important attributes women have.

  7. Kimie

    So good! True value is bestowed on us♥️ Taking away our voice or giving it away never ends well♥️

  8. Anna, your text is masterful. I agree with you. I loved your analysis. You are very right.

  9. I was a stay at home Dad when our second child was born.

    Although a woman’s physical beauty tends to decrease as she grows old, her character can become more beautiful with each passing year.

    Minor edits — should be 3,000 not 3000
    world[,] — a semicolon separates two independent clauses.

  10. Francisco Bravo Cabrera

    Without a doubt the importance of women is exemplified in child rearing which is a most important and crucial role. I raised my eldest daughter as a single parent, however, she still had her mother. It made me realise that children belong with their mother much more than with their fathers, without minimising the role of the father…I was raised with the example of my mother, a professional woman and a woman who did not ask for permission to be free and equal, she knew it was her position and simply took it. I think she got that from my grandmother who also was a very strong matriarch, having to take the control of her family after my grandfather’s early death. I find your article very interesting and very informative and I find myself in full agreement. Wonderful work as usual Anna, and thank you,
    Greetings from Valencia,

  11. Kimie

    I agree! On all fronts♥️ I love the affirmation most of all; we do have the power to change it!


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  14. Petrina

    Teaching boys and girls to value us is very important. Also, women need to be a lot more selective and choose a partner based on knowing our worth. No more low standards and too much tolerance of bad behaviour in men.

    Choosing wisely and holding men accountable will make a big difference for the future generations we contribute to. It will make a huge difference in the type of legacy we will leave.

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