If you’re familiar with my background, you might think this is the website of a lawyer.  But I was a writer long before I ever became a lawyer.

Before that, I was for years a victim of child molestation.  That fact doesn’t define me.  It’s just the springboard I’ve used to propel myself forward.

And that really is my point.  We are, all of us, more than our labels, more than our circumstances, more than the pain we may have endured.

This website is a way for me to make that point, to comment on abuse-related issues, and to share my faith.

I hope you’ll join me…and find your own voice.



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  1. Anna, I ordered your book, “The Rose Garden” from Amazon and it came…today. I am really looking forward to reading it…Thanks for being my friend and for your comments and “Likes” on my blog, dear sister.


    • You’ve been a real blessing to me, Michael. I have found your blog A Wilderness Voice awildernessvoice.wordpress.com very meaningful. Abuse victims have endured great suffering. Christianity can speak to that, offering genuine hope. Unfortunately, too many Christians spout Scriptural references without any thought to their application. You are most definitely the exception. Thank you for all your support.

      • Thank you for your encouraging words about my writings on the blog. I do try to only write when I feel His inspiration to do so. I tire of reading peoples blogs that pump out something ever day with little thought to the inspiration of the Lord when they write and I know you do your best to listen to the Spirit as you write. I thank the Lord for everything you share from your heart.

        God bless and keep you in His loving arms, dear sister.

  2. crittergetter483

    Hi Anna,

    Michael referred your book, The Rose Garden to me, I purchased it a few days ago… [and] started reading it as soon as I received it.

    Fortunately, my father wasn’t my abuser. But, many others were for many years…

    • I am sorry to hear that you suffered so severely. Thank you for purchasing the book. I hope it is of some small help to you.



      • crittergetter483

        Anna, the deeper I get into your book [The Rose Garden], the more I find that we are one on so many levels. Your words are giving areas of my life words of explanation that I didn’t have. I maybe 62, but so much of me has been shut away in the darkness of past memories, that there has been no way to describe them.

        But, slowly words are coming and with them an understanding that has failed me most of my life. This has helped me see, that, the Lord is indeed working below the scenes; I have not be able to recognize His working until now.

        Not being able to grasp the understanding of just how deeply effected the abuse had on me has been overwhelming. My mind has been plagued with confusion, frustration, exasperation, depression and despair. I have pursued healing relentlessly all to no avail, why, because I was looking in all of the wrong places! Pursuing all of the wrong sources. today, I am broken and I do not know what is next! My faith has been shattered on so many levels that I do not know if it can or will ever be restored. I just do not know!

        Like you I too battle…many health issues…My Dr.’s have said to me on many occasion, that the abuse that I faced has effected me in such a way, that it is as if I lived through a war! A former pastor that I had told me that it is a miracle that I am not insane! I can and do thank my God, for protecting me from that level of destruction!

        I shall continue reading your book, it is speaking to me!

      • Your life seems to mirror mine…

      • Your words continue to trouble me, Q. Please, know that you have value and purpose. Your life is worth saving, no matter what was done to you (or what you may have done, in an effort to deaden the pain). Do not give up!

  3. crittergetter483

    And yours mine.

  4. My dear sisters, your pain is heartwrenching. Why we walk this long and deep valley, I do not know. But I can say with certainty that Christ, the Suffering Servant, walks with us. Edmond Sanganyado put it this way, “God’s Favor is not the things we receive, but experiencing Christ.” We encounter Christ through our tears, our hopelessness, and ultimately our surrender. Only He can heal our wounds. I pray that He will restore you both.

  5. Q's Corner

    Anna, i have finished reading your book, I am touched by your story, your pain and the story of your families lives.

    I long for the day when my own painful memories will cease to trouble me; if only I could be free now!
    Thank you for this book, and for sharing your story.

    • If only I had a way to make your pain vanish. There are no simple answers. None that I know of, anyway. I can say this much. You are in extraordinary company. Men and women who as children endured the unendurable, yet survived. Men and women who were harmed in the most fundamental way, yet have chosen not to harm others. For most of us, recovery is a long, slow — often arduous — process. Professional counseling is, in my view, essential. Even with that, innocence cannot be recaptured. But we all lose our innocence eventually to this imperfect world. Integrity remains. Christ said, “‘…Not what goes into the mouth defiles a man; what comes out of the mouth, this defiles a man‘”(Matt. 15:11). The past cannot be changed. We can only move forward. You still have a hope and a future in Christ. May He heal your broken heart.

  6. I froze when I read, “It’s just the springboard I’ve used to propel myself forward.” I always share a watered down version of my story. I have convinced myself for many years that I don’t want people to feel sorry for what I went through. Thank you for opening my eyes on how selfish I have been the past 13 years. I pray God will give me the strength to share my story without taking any credit, but honoring Him for His faithfulness. Thank you, once again.

    • I do share my story, and would encourage you to share yours, VaSanganyado. It is a testimony to the power of God to bring us through impossible circumstances (2 Tim. 1: 8). So that we are clear: What I meant by using the abuse as a springboard was that – with God’s help – I was able to turn my anger into a source of energy and determination, rather than a destructive force.

      The abuse (or rather God through it) has given me a heart for the suffering of others and, I hope, an increased sensitivity to their needs. I might have had those without abuse. Who can say? The abuse has certainly given me a vocabulary for pain. My struggle with the scars of abuse has deepened my understanding not only of abuse, but of God’s love.

      You are a promising writer. God has given you that talent for a purpose. Have no doubt that He will fulfill that purpose. “So shall My word be that goes forth from My mouth; It shall not return to Me void, But it shall accomplish what I please, And it shall prosper in the thing for which I sent it” (Is. 55:11). I look forward to seeing Him work in your life.



  7. I am so glad you are blogging. Look at the lives you have connected with and inspired.


  8. Wow, you and this blog are so inspiring. I love how you said that we are not our circumstances. That is so very true.

  9. I’m so glad you found me so that I could connect to a person like you. it’ll be a great pleasure for me to follow you. :)

  10. Hi Anna, I don’t get to pop in here near often enough, for so many reasons, health being one of them. But just recently I was nominated for the ‘Once a Victim, Now a Survivor’ award, and am now nominating you. You came immediately to mind, as you have so consistently supported me, checked in with me, and so very importantly, been a beacon of light. Your intelligent and compassionate voice has been a mainstay during my healing process. If you’d like to accept the award…you can find details here….http://killingmesoftly.co/2015/07/17/once-a-victim-now-a-survivor-award/ Most importantly…please know I think of you often and have a huge respect for what you do. Melinda

    • I am deeply touched, Melinda. I have met extraordinary men and women, in this struggle. You are certainly one. May God aid you in your continued recovery.


      Anna <3

  11. My Dear Anna, with the problems with computers and the internet, it seems this is the first time I have been able to respond at Your site, though I have long been an admirer of Your views and writings. Keep up Your good work. Love and Blessings. :)

  12. Thank you for coming by my blog so that I could find yours. I look forward to reading your posts. Just seeing the titles of the 4 on Christian marriage, I can relate to them all.
    Thank God for the way He allows us to share in one another’s healing.

  13. For now, just wanted to stop by and thank you for your visit to my blog.

  14. Dear Anna, we are so much more than our labels but it’s great to see you kicking that label called shame to the curb. Love your writing.

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