If you’re familiar with my background, you might think this is the website of a lawyer.  But I was a writer long before I ever became a lawyer.

Before that, I was for years a victim of child molestation.  That fact doesn’t define me.  It’s just the springboard I’ve used to propel myself forward.

And that really is my point.  We are, all of us, more than our labels, more than our circumstances, more than the pain we may have endured.

This website is a way for me to make that point, to comment on abuse-related issues, and to share my faith.

I hope you’ll join me…and find your own voice.



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  1. livenewlive

    What a tuff time Im sure keep up the awarness I think there is a strong need for more attention nice job.

  2. Thank you for being a voice. Many are blessed by your blog, I am sure. Especially those who may be trapped in circumstances or silence, but at least have access to the Internet. Praying for you and your blog. God loves you!

  3. 100 percent behind you Anna xo

  4. Anna, I have great admiration for you, for having the courage and the voice to share the atrocities that you’ve been through. You serve as an inspiration to so many. Thank you. And, your faith is a testament to your inner strength.

  5. Anna, you’re truly a saint for the suppressed, the underprivileged, the abused—- in a time that literally worsens by the day. Your pen is mightier than sword. With your drive, your words serve as a hope, a glimmer of light for a failing society. With each post, it’s an outstretched hand for everyone seeking help. Thank you for all that you do and say and believe in.

    • I wish I deserved such high praise, Lance. But thank you for the encouragement. This world of ours can be a sad place. No one of us alone can change it. Together though we can make a difference, can shed light in dark places. The temptation may be to despair. God, however, remains sovereign. In the end, He will prevail. We can rely on that.

  6. Leo

    Hi Anna, I read your book: An Evangelical on the Left loved every second of it. I can relate to your views and I happen to have survived mild child abuse myself. In my culture, it is considered normal to hit kids…

    • Thank you for your feedback on the book, Leo! Though great minds can differ on the subject, there is a distinction between mild corporal punishment and outright physical abuse. Children need discipline in some form. This can, however, be taken to an extreme. It is not appropriate to inflict physical injuries like burns or bruises on a child. It is not appropriate to deprive children of necessary food or shelter, by way of punishment for an infraction. All discipline should be tempered with love.

      • So true and I couldn’t agree more Anna. My spankings were done with my little underwear down with a belt that was slapped together before hand while I waited for the blows to come I assume for effect. I also had my bare buttocks rubbed after each methodical blow. Many of these spankings were not because I had been bad but so that I would remember not to be bad. So grateful you are out there supporting survivors young and older. Love 💕 Joni

      • I am so sorry for what you suffered, Joni. That you still have such a loving heart is truly amazing. Love, A. ❤

  7. God bless you for taking the things you’ve been through and using them constructively to help others. God can use our brokenness, and those most greatly used often have stories of great life battles they have come through only by learning to lean heavily on the Lord. While developing depths of empathy beyond the norm, they develop another kind of strength drawn from tapping into the Lord’s power. As you said He can turn anything to the good. God bless and keep you sharing hope and love for those who struggle under those weights.

  8. thank you for doing justice, loving mercy and walking humbly with God –

  9. Dear Anna, you have dedicated yourself to a noble cause. Just writing about what’s wrong with the societies lands one in trouble, and here you are physically performing. Kudos to you and your team.

  10. It takes incredible courage to do what you’re doing! So glad I came across your blog.

  11. We are definitely more than our label, and that fact shall never define nor take control of the person you chose to become

  12. I am still exploring your site. Thanks for being so open about your experiences. Keep up the good writing and the good work.

  13. A place to voice yourself….

  14. We are all more than our labels and I try as hard as anyone to remember this. Thank you for sharing!

  15. I like your personality, most of the children are coming through this circumstances! Best wishes for your activities and for your blog! 🌸😊💙

  16. And you are an inspiration 💫

  17. Bojan PEPIĆ

    What a remarkable blog! A true discovery for me!

  18. KM Taylor

    I am horrified to learn what has happened to you in this introduction.
    Please stay strong always. Good thoughts are always with you.

  19. Thankyou for being that voice. You’re needed!

  20. a post or a prayer, which helps one see what we know without reality,
    i do enjoy a blogger, because the writing feeds us things.

  21. Awesome to rise up and use your voice.

  22. Abuse Life And Kids

    Well done! You are an inspiration. It takes a lot to survive.

  23. Dear Anna

    For some reason i drawn to your wisdom. Anyone can become a lawyer yet have no passion for compassion or ware their heart on their sleeve as you do.

    You say you was once was a writer before becoming a Lawyer. My trauma was so vast l lost the ability to write. One day l cried like a baby look to my right and noticed my children’s bible.

    I became obsessed and began collecting every kind of simple bibles which helped me relearn to read and write again. Every book lead to a higher grade bible until l finally reach the Holy Bible.

    I also began an obsession with poetry particularly about religion. Finally after years l was able to put into poetry describing my past and loss of years and isolation like the cogs on an old rusty clock frozen back in time.

    I develop to finally taking steps and enrolled on a L.L.B law degree at Teesside University England.

    One of the proudest moments in my life. After a year I was brutally attacked, even now l can not talk about this particular incident.

    After reading some of your experiences and articles I realise I’m still on a journey of healthy recovery.

    I still see myself wanting to work within a charitable advice legal sector. You begun that first steps of writing a plan of action to try and finish what l began before the incident.

    There are so many of us survivors and its rare to find a survivor who goes the extra mile by providing a methodical list of articles that may make all the difference.

    If you ever feel the need to off load your day. I know to well as survivors we need people who truly know instinctly how to support.

    It maybe as simple as a distraction from that particular memory and need an interruption of laughter or just a listening ear. Or a good old rant to get those emotions off loaded so they do not fester.

    I was a former social worker before l decided to change career. Also a rape crisis manager volunteer telephone councillor e.t.c I hope your not offended. Thanks for inspiring me.

    My offer to keep in touch is sincere.

    Kind Regards

    Shereen Teasdale

    • Thank you so much for your kind offer, and for sharing your inspiring story. It is tragic that abuse is so common in our society that it recurs. Like you, the kidnapping survivor Elizabeth Smart was re-assaulted last year. See, https://apnews.com/6ce3ea316bd589a0f658b45e975caa8d. Trauma impacts each individual differently. I certainly agree that we all need time to decompress. Laughter is good for the soul. That you have triumphed over many of the scars left behind by abuse is a great encouragement to others. May God surround you w/ love as you continue to heal. ❤

  24. Francisco Bravo Cabrera

    I truly thank you and value greatly your effort and your blog which is much needed. Information is the way to combat this great evil that is propagated usually through ignorance. Anna I applaud your effort and your faith.
    My greetings and all the best,

  25. Hi dear!! I am happy to nominate you for the Sunshine bloggers award!!
    Hope you are doing well

  26. This is awesome Anna. I would love to share your story on my blog if you have it written out. This month I’m sharing out stories from women all month long.

  27. Continue to speak for those without a voice, inspire those who are downtrodden, and help victims become victorious. You are amazing. May the LORD bless you.

  28. I also believe that you are a very special person, helping others who have suffered so much in the past and becoming so caring. I wish you a brilliant future 🙂

  29. Abuse frequently destroys the faith of victims, undermining our capacity to trust. I copied this from an older post your wrote to comment from. I am 73, had an abusive childhood, verbal, physical, emotional. It produced a survival heart in me which took the Lord till I was 35 to break through it. Through the years God has taught me the key to my heart was forgiveness of those that hurt me. He has shown me except for His grace, go I. He did not have to shed more blood for abuser then for the abused. Of course I have scars but no wounds. Scars are a sign of healing and I try not to waste them, to allow God to use them to help others trapped in anyway. Thanks you for being a bright encouraging voice.

  30. dessertflower5

    I truly admire your creativity and the message behide your blogs. Its very rare to come across such. keep bloging.

  31. Good for you my friend and God bless you for speaking out. I love your line –
    “ It’s just the springboard I’ve used to propel myself forward.”

    So true no matter how horrible things were or what we lived through it does not define us. In so many ways it made us warriors, strong and determined to make it. I am grateful I did.

    Thank you Anna. Love 💕 Joni

    • Thank you for your friendship, Joni. I have met tremendous people among abuse survivors. You are certainly one. We are a remarkable group — all here, I believe, through the mercy of God. ❤

  32. I have nominated you for Inspiring blogger Tag. Please accept it. Pls check my post.

  33. Thanks for sharing your story and for giving others strength and hope that they are not alone. Stay safe.

  34. Thank you for being there. Much love

  35. Life gets better with hope in view.
    If people can see that your beginning didn’t prevent you from making progress then they’ll be encouraged to keep making positive effort to better their lot.
    Don’t get lost in the crowd.
    Let your unique voice be heard.

  36. JosephValentine

    Wow-what a powerful post so timely for the period we are in keep blessing people Anna because you are a blessing and a gift

  37. You have been a brave girl who can inspire the whole world 👌👌 proud of you 🍯 👯

  38. Such a beautiful site and a woman with great courage and compassion for others. Thank you for being here Anna. Love ❤️ Joni

  39. Kimie

    Such a noble purpose here♥️

  40. I admire your courage. You are a testimony of God’s faithfulness.

  41. Hi Anna,

    My name is Gladys Michel. I am a 36 year old Christian, mother of 3 girls and married to someone I believe is not saved. I am a survivor of child molestation as well. I believe my daughters were molested as well. I am trying to find a voice through blogging. I am currently unemployed and do not have money to hire an attorney to hear me out. Would you please pray for me and share any pointers you might think would help me in what I think my husband is making against me(custody battle).

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